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Our fire protection systems bring peace and protection.

Each fire safety service is done with your protection in mind.
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We consider your property like our own. We provide peace and protection in fire sprinkler inspection and installation, and more. As a fire inspection company, our priority is your safety and peace of mind. World Fire Protection services have been built on a foundation of upholding the highest standards of fire sprinkler inspection and more. Our entire fire inspection company team is proud to provide fire protection services for your property and beyond.

We value your property, and moreover the lives connected to each of our fire sprinkler inspection services.

Avoid expensive, unexpected code-compliance fines.

Our Process

Did you know the architectural building permit process does not include a fire sprinkler system?

Our process begins with researching your location and building. This research stage guarantees we are aware of every new and existing fire code. Our years of hands-on experience will guarantee you have state of the art, up-to-minute protection, and adherence to all permitting and construction regulations. We pride ourselves and get personal satisfaction from meeting each of our residential client’s needs.

Don’t be caught off guard when needing to install sprinklers; call our team of experts.

Our process is clear and detailed:

  • Transparent pricing
  • Various design options
  • Multiple checkpoint installation procedures
  • Comprehensive final inspections
  • Full code-compliance fire protection

Our fire sprinkler inspection teams are more than experienced in ensuring safety and low-cost code-compliance — we keep costs low for all our clients. Our expertise provides the safest, smartest, and most efficient fire protection requirements.

We help all our clients avoid unexpected fines we provide year-round peace of mind.

10% off first-time customers

Save money with our multi-faceted fire sprinkler inspection and installations.

Our Responsiveness Goes Unmatched

At World Fire Protection, we offer 24-hour emergency fire sprinkler inspection and repair. Our team of experts responds quickly to address any inspection or repairs. We protect your residential, commercial, or industrial facility from fires and fit all your design objectives.

Your design and fire protection system needs will be met every step of the way. Our fire inspection company near me offers more than just code-compliance. At World Fire Protection, our entire staff is proficient in residential, industrial, and commercial facilities fire protection.

We ensure your property is fire protected. We are code-compliant and make our preventative maintenance not only protect you from fires but fit your design objectives. Our code-compliant, efficient fire protection services safeguard you and your property.

From maintenance to certification services — our fire alarm systems, fire pumps, backflow certification, and repairs will leave you feeling at peace and protected. We also offer private fire hydrants, standpipe sprinkler systems, as well as fire sprinkler inspection. Incorporating preventative maintenance into your facilities management plan or residential home fire protection needs can save you money and more.

Don't let your money get wasted on surprise fines.

An improper fire sprinkler inspection can lead to unexpected fines. Avoid these unforeseen frustrations with our thorough and expert always fully code-compliant fire protection systems. Let the fire protection professionals do your fire sprinkler inspection.

We provide code-compliant fire protection is built on years of experience. From the first service call to the first step onto your property, we do it right the first time and get the job done. Our thorough, proven and tested fire safety measures leave all our clients safe and sound. We cover all corners with fire protection — no last-minute setbacks, or back to square one mistakes.

We Value Your Design Goals

A visually appealing fire system can keep your property protected without altering the layout. We provide code-compliant and visually appealing fire systems as a fire inspection company near me. Our team protects residential, commercial, or industrial properties with good design in mind. Partnering with architect and design teams is one of our specialties. At World Fire Protection, we are well-versed in meeting all of our client's design objectives, while simultaneously protecting the property. Finding the perfect fire sprinkler inspection and fire inspection company near me. Our fire company near me professionals have fitted all sizes of properties with your design objectives in mind.

Our numerous types of concealed heads can fit your style and decor.

No getting lost in paperwork or office delegation. Our experienced and proficient team provides personalized consultation and fire safety service. We are hands-on every aspect of our fire sprinkler inspection and more.

You get a customized experience that is unmatched. We work closely with all clients.

Every step we take on your job is geared toward fire safety.

Our fire protection services have been proven and tested. We make long-lasting relationships with our clients and are proud to provide the service we do. We meet your fire protection company near me needs with our expertise. We get the job done right the first time and make sure every step taken is impactful.

Our fire inspection company experience makes residential, commercial, and industrial sights safe. We know our services can prevent fires that can save your property as well as lives. Our entire staff values the service we provide. We have worked closely with architects and designs teams to building inspections, our objectives meet yours with expertise and care for your property.

We are proud to provide the service we do.

Full Compliance And Clear Fire Sprinkler System Design

Avoid surprise fines from improper fire sprinkler installations. Our thorough fire sprinkler inspection is done alongside the highest standards. We meet our clients' objectives from the aesthetics to code-compliance. A certified, code-compliant business with fire sprinkler installations from a fire inspection company near me that is reliable — work with the experts.

We are quick and thorough. We maintain your property's design, and we'll communicate well with you every step taken while adding fire protection and safety to each corner.

No corner is left untouched by our team.

**Free inspections for non-profits.

We make fire-safe spaces and know the value of providing this service.

From small to larger projects, we make sure to bring the best service available. Our inspection teams are proficient in residential developments, industrial warehouse facilities, and commercial buildings. We fit your home and business with fire inspection company expertise.

From the start to finish of each project, our fire inspection company near me expertise happily fits into any sized plan. We get the job done right. We are transparent and straightforward at each step. Work with World Fire Protection to feel safe and secure.

We love finding the perfect fit for each project - from fire sprinkler inspection to fire inspection company services we make sure to provide quality.

10% off first-time customers

Many types of fire sprinkler inspection heads are typically designed for specific environments. We have a team of fire safety professionals researching local and state ordinances and codes. We make sure to read over the NFPA bulletin adopted for all fire sprinkler protection.

Experience Smart Design Decisions

We provide sprinkler heads that are designed for specific environments to meet all of your fire company near me needs. We consistently stay abreast on all research local and state ordinances and codes. We thoroughly read over every NFPA bulletin adopted for all fire sprinkler protection.

We help you choose the right sprinkler, among other design decisions, that meet your objectives. One important elemental aspect of fire protection the pre-determined temperature has been exceeded in the room when a fire is detected. This critical feature is met when the right fire sprinkler head is chosen.